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adult     al     alex luis armstrong     alexander     alicia hughes     alphonse     alphonse elric     animal     armor     armour     automail     barry the chopper     beard     black hair     black hayate     blonde hair     blue eyes     brothers     brown eyes     brown hair     buccaneer     child     cigarette     coat     cow     cry     darius     den     denny brosh     dog     ed     edward     edward elric     envy     everyone     eye     eye patch     family     father     female     fu     full metal alchemist     fullmetal alchemist     gluttony     golden eyes     gracia hughes     greed     grey hair     group     happy     headband     heart     heinkel     heymans breda     hiromu arakawa     hohenheim     homunculus     hug     ishbalan     ishbalian     izumi curtis     jean havoc     kain fuery     kain fury     king bradley     lan fan     lieutenant yoki     ling yao     long hair     lust     maes hughes     male     maria ross     mask     may chang     miles     military uniform     mukuo     mustache     nina tucker     number 48     olivier mira armstrong     ouroboros     pandacat     pigtail     pigtails     pinako rockbell     pink hair     pride     red eyes     riza hawkeye     rose     roy mustang     scar     scarf     selim bradley     short hair     siblings     sig curtis     sloth     smile     smoke     solf j kimblee     tattoo     tear     tie     tim marcoh     trisha elric     van hohenheim     vato falman     winry rockbell     wrath     xiao mei     yoki    

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  • (quasimodo's avatar) quasimodo :: Validated Member :: Offline :: Jul 7th, 2010 05:12:47 pm
    Wow! That must have been a lot of work.
  • (2marie2's avatar) 2marie2 :: Validated Member :: Offline :: Jul 8th, 2010 07:18:58 am
    X3 nice FMA pic X3
    a really nice upload Saya-chan :3 n absolutely the tags r awesomely tiring too lol XDD
    oh yeah Saya-chan who is the ghost at the end top right of the pic? O_o
  • (mirokusgirl2's avatar) mirokusgirl2 :: Veteran :: Offline :: Jul 8th, 2010 10:37:37 am
    Yet another awesome FMA picture from you :D
    I love it X3
    and once again, great job on tagging it :33
    The Ghostly character. He's known as Truth :D
    he's the one that talks to people that attempt a human transmutation =)
    An eerie little guy he is x3
    But yeah, amazing upload <3
  • (mirokusgirl2's avatar) mirokusgirl2 :: Veteran :: Offline :: Jul 8th, 2010 10:38:07 am
    Oh, and I was answering your question there 2marie2 xD
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   (SayaChan's avatar)
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   phew~ i won't tag this pic again~
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