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  • (Viviane's avatar) Viviane :: Validated Member :: Offline :: Dec 1st, 2011 05:09:18 am

    Outlines: Black coloured pencil
    Media: Computer colouration
    Paper type: Color-copy laserprint satined; 120 g/m²
    Size: A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)
    Time: 23 h


    The Shintoistic bride is my most classy and time intensive artwork of all babes. I searched for quite a few pictures, in order to copy the bridal costume as true to original as possible (I hope I didn't fail. ^^"). I also made use of the pictures for painting the foldings and her pose.
    In order to accent the sheen of the silky fabric I used two different tones for the shadow: A cold pale iceblue (almost lilac) and a warmer green-grey. For the embroidery, I used a great amount of my collection of ornaments and pattern, which I assembled and coloured white and light blue.
    I used a black coloured pencil with a hard lead on a very smooth paper for the outlines. This way the lines become very fine and exact.
    It was important to me that she appears graceful and gentleness. I hope the artwork conveys these feelings.

    „50 MANGA BABES to draw and paint“ is an English How-to-draw book displaying fifty artworks of different women in manga style along with step-by-step illustrations, detailed descriptions and drawing tips.

    I got the wonderful commission to draw fifteen of these "babes" (have a look at the right column).
    I had to meet following criteria: drawn in manga style, female character, view of the whole body, related to a topic/character type, no background.

    This book is great and I can recommend it to all who learns to draw in manga style.
  • (ELECTRIC_BLUE's avatar) ELECTRIC_BLUE :: Validated Member :: Offline :: Dec 1st, 2011 08:29:37 am
    wow .. 23 h O.o <--- reading
    so many beautiful details on her outfit
    very very hard to color white and also add white details to it and on top of that u were able to create something that feels real ..

    i totally want to wear that !!
    i wonder what her hair looks like .
  • (quasimodo's avatar) quasimodo :: Validated Member :: Offline :: Dec 1st, 2011 08:31:04 pm
    Amazing pretty.
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