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Date:Jan 20, 07
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Attack of the Teeheehees! Part 1
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After playing a lil game of find the teeheehee, Sushi and Ari found themselves in a bad situation that even Shika cannot escape!grr...this stupid system cut the ending again...2 b continued..teeheehee

It was a beautiful after noon, and Ari was walking around. "*sigh* Where's Naruto-kun when you need him? I'm soooo bored!" Ari sits down on a bench, holding her head in her hands all depressed... "oh, hiya Ari-nii chan!" Sushi came by and sat next to her. "Hi Sushi-chan. So...what have you been up to?" Ari looked down. "GASP! What's wrong, Ari? You never ever ask things like that..." Sushi worries. "Oh, I'm just sooooo bored right now. I mean I can't find Naruto-kun, and I was gonna ask for a trip to get ramen, but...*sigh* my legs are... full text

*5* XD [Jan 20, 07]
Reviewer: sushifanatic_01

Once again you have made something brilliant!^^ I love it, and I can't wait for you to make the next part!
*5* :D [Jan 20, 07]
Reviewer: ariachan

that was awesomeee!!! i love the teeheehee's! XD brilliant idea! ^-^ i loved it a tonnnn!!! i rate it a full five! wanna play teeheehee with me sometime? :]
*5* XDDDD-DODO! [Jan 22, 07]
Reviewer: kawaiiinu

Wheh-Po Ari!!!! Had me laughing that is fer sure! Yippee! Good job when will part 2 come out??? tEeHEehEE!
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