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The Future of AA

Many of you have questioned the future of AA for some time now. As I have stated multiple times, there is only so much that those on the admin team...

Aug 21st, 2013 05:16:16 pm
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AA Network: Hangouts, Meetups, Oovoo, messenger, and more

I noticed that there has been a lot of talk recently about hanging out, meeting people in real life, or having group skype sessions. We recently discussed Oovoo in the...

Jul 20th, 2013 11:33:06 pm
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  • #1
    Rider and Dark Saber from Fate/Unlimited codes hope y'all like it 5.00 / 5
  • #2
    adorable. 5.00 / 5
  • #3
Yum! 5.00 / 5
  • #4
    an artwork from my favourite artist. 5.00 / 5
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    5.00 / 5
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    ... 4.86 / 5
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    ; 4.86 / 5
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    ... 4.86 / 5

Recent Uploads

  • Momo and Risa. 4 hours ago
  • Cute. 4 hours ago
  • Yuuhi from Your Diary. 4 hours ago
  • Yuyuko Saigypji. 4 hours ago
  • Shinobu Shinomiya from Koishiki Manual hope you all like it 11 hours ago
  • Trying out my lens flare skills, I suppose they look good :) 20 hours ago
  • May Yukishiro. 1 day ago
  • A different look for Tsumugi. 1 day ago

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  • #1
    Finally my entry. Ugh. Two cyborg girls plugged into eachother. 04 is an earlier model and not quite as fancy as the newer 07 model, but they are fully interactive and their body suits change color depending on user settings. See first comment. 136749 hits
  • #2
    ummm, i saw a picture similar to this, so i decided to draw it, changed alot, and took me a long time to finally finish, so, i hope yall like it ^_^ 121705 hits
  • #3
    Lets see if this uploads right this time... A blue girl to contrast the pink one I entered already. 119321 hits
  • #4
    Fallen angel Ashler and her ward Ifril. Japanese reads \"She Fell\" which is a personal project I\'ve been working on in spare time^^ Yes I know the angel behind is only half their but she\'s meant to be. Think OMG angels sorta =^.^= 117272 hits
  • #5
    Somebody asked me how fairies were born, and I ended up drawing this scene. Her name is Ouki, one of my muses and... yes, I know I\'m crazy ^_^ Done with colour pencils because I like that style, hope you like it. 106064 hits
  • #6
    This was done in paint, color pencils, and ink...This is Mizuku, she was built to keep her 'father' company, but after he died, she had no purpose. She was built with an internal clock that will shut her down one year after her 'father&#039 105412 hits
  • #7
    Succubi bat girl transforming... Hope you guys aren't too tight about whether if bat girls are still in the animal category. This was done at beginning of the year. 99730 hits
  • #8
    School Girl contest featuring original fantasy characters from 97880 hits

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