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  1. Member Conduct
  2. Galleries
  3. Forums
  4. Fan Fiction
  5. Accounts
  6. Enforcement
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Blacklist
  1. Member Conduct

    1. All members must be treated with courtesy and respect.
    2. Profanity, derogatory or otherwise offensive statements are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the site.
    3. Attacking, threatening, harassing, abusing, or "flaming" other members, directly or indirectly, is strictly prohibited. Intentionally attacking or insulting the philosophy, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference of any individual or group will be met with zero tolerance.
    4. Personal and private matters between members are to remain out of public posts.
    5. Members are allowed one account. Additional accounts will be suspended without warning.
    6. Members may not promote violation of site policy or attempt provoke other members into violating site policy.

  2. Galleries

    1. Uploads

      1. All pictures uploaded must be quality, tasteful and in anime style (western style cartoons are not allowed).
      2. All pictures must be given complete and proper credit: Artist/Studio and URL/Email. Credit is not the site where you found the picture, but the site of who produced it. Please see Blacklist for improper credit.
      3. Originals and Fan Art may only be uploaded by the artist who produced it.
      4. The credit selection "Where is this from?" may only be used in the spirit of finding the proper credit.
      5. Pictures must be uploaded to the most fitting gallery possible. (see Gallery Guide)
      6. Altered pictures that are not your own, excluding wallpaper and image resizing, will be removed.
      7. If a picture, once uploaded did not produce a proper thumbnail image, delete the picture and upload it again. Contact the admin if the problem persists.
      8. Screen shots and photographs are not allowed.


      1. All comments must be relevant to the picture.
      2. If the picture has credit listed as "Where is this from?" the comment must be relevant to answering the question.

    3. Contests

      1. Art submitted to contest galleries must be original or Fan Art produced by the member who submitted it. Fraudulent entries will be removed and the member's account will be suspended.
      2. If you are under 18, you must obtain the permission of your parents before submitting your work.
      3. Do not submit incomplete work, it will be removed.
      4. Art must comply with all other rules for specific contests.
      5. By submitting your art to a contest gallery, you grant non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to Lost Mouse, Inc. ( and to display and publish your art via the internet and use it for other promotional purposes.
      6. Awards will be issued using a secret and arbitrary formula.
      7. Awarded art will be moved to a "Hall of Fame" gallery for permanent placement on the site.

    4. Image Theft

      1. If you are an artist and your art has been uploaded without your permission, please contact the Admin immediately. You may also contact the member who uploaded it.
      2. Reports of image theft are taken seriously. Please provide both a link to the original image and a link to the stolen image.

  3. Forums

    1. Posts must be on topic.
    2. New topics must be relevant to the forum under which it is posted.
    3. Do not use the forums to role-play.
    4. Do not "post harvest" (making excessive pointless posts just to raise your post count).
    5. Do not re-create a locked topic or start a topic asking why a topic was locked.
    6. Do not "spam" the forums in any way. This includes excessive "bumping" of topics, creating an excessive number of topics, and posting excessively in a single topic.
    7. "Contest" threads must receive approval and sponsorship from a member of site staff. Unsanctioned "contest" threads will be locked or deleted.
    8. Disallowed Topics:
      1. Topics about politics or religion (Politics are allowed to be discussed in the "Current Events" forum within context. Religion is still disallowed.).
      2. Topics about or involving any illegal activities.
      3. Topics announcing your absence or return on the site. Just state this in your member profile.
      4. Topics requesting new image galleries.

  4. Fan Fiction

    1. Submitting

      1. Only submit fan fiction that you have written. Do not copy work from others.
      2. Only submit completed work.
      3. Spell check and grammar check your work. Fan fictions with serious spelling and/or grammatical errors will be removed.
      4. When submitting, give your fan fiction an appropriate age rating. For submitting adult content, go to Affair Anime.
      5. You may add as many content tags as you like that are relevant to your fan fiction.

    2. Reviewing

      1. Keep reviews relevant to the fan fiction that you are reviewing.

  5. Accounts

    1. Private Messages

      1. Do not send PMs to members who have told you they do not wish to receive PMs from you. This is considered harassment.
      2. Chain letters and similar forms of spam are not allowed.

    2. Avatars

      1. Do not upload any objectional image (i.e. hentai). This does apply to Affair Anime.
      2. Do not use other people's avatars or images for your avatar without explicit permission.

  6. Enforcement

    1. Serious or repeated violations of any these policies may result in banning, suspension or deletion.
    2. Please report policy violations by using the "Report this page" link at the bottom of each page or contact an Admin.
    3. Sub-admins have final say as to what is appropriate for the site and whether these rules have been violated.

  7. Miscellaneous

    1. Usernames may not contain profanity, derogatory or otherwise offensive phrases.

  8. Blacklist

    1. Any artwork created by any of the artists or studios on the blacklist are prohibited in the image galleries.
    2. Any artwork posted to the image galleries credited to any of the artists, studios, or web sites listed on the blacklist may be corrected, edited, or removed with or without notice.

Policies and rules v1.21