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  • Ladyfyreyes :: Sub-Admin :: Offline :: 9 months ago :: Book-to-Book
    Have missed you.
  • Zamioa :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Oooo are you THE Lizard I have been hearing nice things about? :)
  • ElvenAvari :: Administrator :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Love the pic on your profile.
  • Saphirya :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    You're welcome ^_^
    Yeah Alari made a wonderful job with the profile, but it may change, cause Hinatachan64 working on a new design ^^'.
    I like having a profile related to my interest of the moment.
  • MSimm1 :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Hello :-)

    A pleasure to meet you :-)

    You've got that right, getting a guestbook entry, makes me
    all kinds of happy :-)

    Thank you :-)
  • KiaAsakura :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    I gave her a hug the day you sent this. I was really enthusi9astic about it, so she said it hurt. :D Is it weird to think of this site now? It probably feels strongly of nostalgia, since you haven't been here for so long, and probably associate it with a younger part of your life. It's good to hear an update. School, (post secondary) is hard sometimes, but i feel like it's one of the best times of your life. Moaning about tests with your classmates, and the adventures you have when everyone around you has at least something in common with you.
  • Saphirya :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Back in th time I never talk to you, but I remember seeing your name pop-up once in awhile ^_^ , so I decide you make a tour on your profile.
    Welcome back ^_^ hope you'll stay around and not leaving for an other 5 yrs.
  • Rubia :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Hey there, I remember you. I just came back as well and same deal, I owe something to this site, I've been here longer than almost any other site. I love yeah <3 *Japas doll gives you a big hug* remember that?
  • KiaAsakura :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    It means a lot to me, as I always thought of you as a little sister, and it's pretty wicked that you have grown up into all kinds of awesome. You were one of my favourite people, and it made me happy to remember you. I hope the running and track are going awesome. I have those fond, wicked memories of guessing your name correctly on that one topic, then where we could have 'friends' you were the first to request me. It's odd how things like that stay with you. We were all so young, at that age, and when it came to adventures and drama, it was nice to have the people here. I was inactive for a while, but I'm happy to hear you're doing alright. I thank you for the friendship and kindness you showed me.
    I really hope your life is full of kickassery. If you can't stay in AA, at least it's good to hear that you're doing well.
  • KiaAsakura :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    <3 You're online. I have Chihiro with me in Canada right now. I hope you're doing fantastically.
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