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  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Oh god I hate that. I hate that everyone says the same things. People just recycle the exact same phrases for everything. That makes me sad!

    He could so pull off horns! :) Haha, I want to see the trailer, damn it!
    BTW, what do you think of Brave so far? I mean, the animation looks amazing, yes, but the plot seems so 'been there, done that' at the moment. I really hope it's more original than it seems!
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    IT HAS POWERS. Haha, yeah tumblr is good for gifs! Though to be honest, I really don't like doctor who fans on tumblr. I don't really like to admit I'm a fan on there!

    As long as TZ is dancing around, looking sexy and gothic, I'll be happy! :D
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Haha, It's a trap! You are not stuck on my profile forever and you can never look away! 0__0

    IT SOUNDS INTERESTING. It looks so similar. It's pretty much the same cast too, isn't it? I really want to see the full trailer! That one didn't really show much of the story line!
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 2 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    New repo-esque movie?!? What is this? I haven't actually watched Repo in years, after being so obsessed with you, but I want to know more about this new thing!
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Haha, I'm a bit obsessed with yetis and igloos for them to live in!

    Yes, our dreams are shattered. ): Olivia is a cute name though.

    I loved yesterdays! Such a good idea, and Neil Gaiman's ideas are amazing. Yes, it was weird! He looked like he was having so much fun on the TARDIS though.

    It is super confusing! But I'm loving having so much epicness, rather than just an epic finale. All this river stuff is so confused. And I really, really want him to stop killing Rory! I love him too much.
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Haha, wow that was a long time ago! DT was still doctor and pluto was still a planet. ;___;

    That's cool that your sister ended up going into something arty too. :) But lack of space suuucks! If I end up going back home I'll have no where to be creative and it'll drive me mental.

    I don't even know what I'm putting in mine yet! My tutors really don't like what I was planning on doing so I'm changing it a bit. But it'll probably involve wooden yetis. :) We're doing ours in an old shop, and it's pretty big so we have quite a lot of space each!
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Yup, he said that too and it was such lies. His friend lived with us too and I think he just made it worse. So glad to be away, and I live with a sculpter and an animation student now, so I fit in much more!

    I don't really see the point in masters either, I couple of people on my course want to them, but it just seems like a waste of money to me too. I hope you get to move out soon! I have my own study/studio room in this house for the firs time ever and it's awesome to have the space. Sadly I'm not living here for very long.

    It doesn't feel like very long ago that I was on here telling you that I'd got into cardiff! It's crazy how fast this time has gone.
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    I'm glad your content! I am going to be joining you in the minimum pay job and depressed artist very soon. Oh no. Are you still living at home? Is that going ok?

    Yes, graduating in two months! Eeek. Yes, I moved out last week into a new student house. Same landlord, just swapped rooms. My ex-boyfriend was torturing me and making life hell. But I'm free now. Just got to get on with everyting for my final show now!
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    Haha, that HAS been around for a long time. xD I only come on here to use the Vent thread, because for some reason it's still good therapy for me. Otherwise, not so much.

    How ARE you?
  • Chihiro :: Veteran :: Offline :: 3 years ago :: Book-to-Book
    It really has! It actually took me like 2 minutes to remember how to spell your username, that is how long it has been! I was trying to spell it with two ks and one t. D:
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