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Done completely in ball point pen.  I've been disregarding proportions lately. lmao!
This is Trans-Action! 5, where a transgender F->M is having BIG problems ;)
Trans-Action issue 1! This is the "pilot episode" if you will, I want to see how you guys like it before I continue it, I may continue it even if you don't like it cuz I love this concept.. but It would be better if people did like it.

I do wish I could draw better, (Well, this was seriously rushed) if you can and you like this concept, please please please PM ME!!!

If you have any ideas you want to be put up PM ME!!!
This is number 11... After doing this one I have decided to work on models, the next ones may look different. I spent a ton of time on this one and This was created on the newest software available.

By the way... edible panties really do taste this bad.

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